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affordable housing

- Long term 'quality of life' neighborhood enhancements

- Challenging and unique properties

- Innovative public private partnership (P3) solutions

- Sharing expertise for the public good

For 25 years, Landair has managed and delivered consultant-provided technical assistance for not-for-profit developers, rural and neighborhood preservation companies and municipalities for the development of low income, affordable and special needs housing. Landair produced 90+ group training workshops in a seminar series serving over 400 not-for-profit developers throughout New York State Technical assistance and training provides expertise in all aspects of affordable housing; financial feasibility, capacity of organization to develop and manage housing financing, LIHTC, design and construction and HUD and local law compliance.

In 2005, designated as an 'at-risk' developer for the HPD New Foundations Program, Landair developed 33 units of affordable first time home buyer housing on scattered sites in Brooklyn, NY. Landair provided pre-development financial and economic analysis and pro forma evaluation under a variety of financing scenarios including a HUD HOME public subsidy package. Landair conducted due diligence for 700 applicants according to HPD community preferences, provided full transaction management services, assembled documentation for mortgage lenders, and handled special purchaser problems as they arose. Even as the housing market imploded real estate values across the US, Landair successfully sold all of the units to qualified purchasers as planned. Other projects were planned and/or completed in New Orleans, Detroit, and Florida.

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