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national parks service

- Applied industry standard best practices

- Governance strategies for long term sustainability

- Public private partnerships

Landair consulted on governance and leadership for a new institution dedicated to celebrating the role of Hispanic Americans in the US. We prepared high-impact recommendation to the US National Parks Service and Congressional Commission for the National Museum of the American Latino to be located on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

The study provided NPS and the Commission with the answers they needed to agree on a governance model aligned with the industry best practice and Federal policy. The strategic plan fosters long term sustainability, accountability and transparency. Ultimately the result garnered the support and approval of President Obama, for review and voting by Congress.

Separately, the Glacier National Park (GNP) has pursued the strategic goal of encouraging its key non-profit partners to consolidate in order to create a new, streamlined organization better equipped to build financial support to the park, enhance the visitor experience, and increase the organizational efficiency. Landair facilitated timely resolution of key issues among the non-profit constituents and helped them develop a framework for visioning a new organization, including the creation of mission, governance structure, and a public outreach plan of action.

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